The Top 10 Un-Conventional Places to Play an Acoustic Guitar: Revolutionizing Guitar Stands with Fret37's Acoustic S1

The Top 10 Un-Conventional Places to Play an Acoustic Guitar: Revolutionizing Guitar Stands with Fret37's Acoustic S1

Hey there, guitar enthusiasts! I'm the proud designer of the Fret37 Acoustic S1 guitar stand, and also an avid user of it. As a passionate guitarist, I've always been on the lookout for the perfect spots to play my acoustic guitar. But as many of you might relate, the challenge has always been finding a safe and convenient place to set the guitar down when I need to pause. Enter the Acoustic S1 - a game-changer in the world of guitar accessories. Before diving into my list of top unconventional places to play the guitar, let's discuss what sets the Acoustic S1 apart from conventional stands.

Fret37 Acoustic S1: Why it’s a Game-Changer

Always Attached: Unlike the bulky traditional stands where you constantly have to dock and undock your guitar, the Acoustic S1 attaches directly to the guitar. This allows instant transitioning from playing to resting your instrument.
Unparalleled Portability: Weighing in at just 5.7 ounces, this lightweight marvel is also extremely compact. This design ensures that your guitar can fit into most cases with the stand attached (barring a few tight-fitting hard cases).
Versatile Compatibility: Want to use your strap? Need to plug in your electric-acoustic? No worries! The Acoustic S1 has got you covered.
Streamlined Design: Perfect for displays on shelves, mantles, counters, and more. It also allows for multiple guitars to be placed close to each other, saving space.
However, it's essential to be aware of the surroundings. Although the stand is sturdy, accidents can happen, especially with pets, children, or inattentive guests around.

Top 10 Un-Conventional Places to Play Your Guitar (with the Acoustic S1)

  1. By a Campfire: Setting your guitar safely nearby means you can easily switch from playing to toasting marshmallows. The Acoustic S1 ensures you won’t be fumbling around looking for a safe spot.
  2. On the Beach: Sand can be damaging, but with the Acoustic S1, you can stand your guitar safely off the ground, allowing you to enjoy the seaside without risking your instrument.
  3. Amidst Nature: No more balancing acts on rocks or uneven ground. The Acoustic S1 lets you focus on the music while surrounded by nature's serenity.
  4. When Visiting: Moving between rooms or even houses, you never have to wonder where to put your guitar down safely, making social gatherings more musical.
  5. Coffee Shops: With limited space and bustling customers, the Acoustic S1 lets you secure your guitar without occupying much space, allowing you to enjoy both your music and your coffee.
  6. At Work: During breaks, transform a mundane office space into a mini-concert. The Acoustic S1 ensures you don't have to lay your guitar on a desk or lean it precariously.
  7. Music Festivals: Navigate crowded spaces without worrying about where to place your guitar during breaks, letting you immerse fully in the festival vibes.
  8. Lounge Gigs: In dimly lit settings with limited space, the Acoustic S1 offers a quick solution to keep your guitar safe and accessible.
  9. Backyard BBQs: Amidst the aroma of grilling and chatter, seamlessly switch from strumming to serving. The Acoustic S1 ensures your guitar won’t be in the way.
  10. A Cramped Garage: Where every inch of space counts and with numerous items around, the Acoustic S1 offers a reliable spot for your guitar amidst the chaos.

In Comparison to Traditional Stands

Traditional stands can be bulky, not very portable, and often don't fit in tight spots or uneven terrains. The Acoustic S1, with its unique design and portability, can easily stand (pun intended!) in places conventional stands can't even think of.

To all my fellow guitarists, I designed the Fret37 Acoustic S1 with you in mind, understanding the pain points we often face. Try it out, explore new spots, and let music resonate everywhere.

Blog By: Chris Nicoll

Last Edited 10/04/2023

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